Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to dance?

  • Short answer, no.
  • Long answer, let's explain what queer tango is...

Tango Queer

“Queer Tango proposes the possibility for people that dance tango to freely choose the role they want to take up and what gender they prefer to dance with. To be able to perform this way, the teaching technique used is exchanging roles. This means for everyone to learn to lead and follow. Dancers have the power to choose to dance the role they prefer or to exchange roles, depending on the person they are dancing with and the moment they decide to do so. This technique allows exploring the dynamics in more equal relationships. Here, the symbolic power that lays on the leading role vanishes when either person can take up either role, indistinctly.”

Mariana Docampo
Co-founder of the Buenos Aires Queer Tango Festival

What comes with my ticket?

“Lead, Follow...    Switch!”

Four days packed with workshops and glamorous social events!

Workshops & Master Classes

Different levels taught by renowned local and international master teachers .


Special tango social parties every night with performances by our featured artists (teachers, musicians, singers and DJs),
plus live music and refreshments.

Where do I go for the workshops and milongas? Who's teaching? How much is the festival?

  • We're busy coordinating and securing this year's details, but here's what we CAN tell you right now...

#1. All workshops/classes will be held:

#2. The milongas will be on:

#3. The teacher lineup:

#4. Ticket Package Rates

When can I buy tickets?

No advance sales.  You can purchase your package of classes and milongas or your simple class in the ticket office that will work before each class.

Where can I find more tango before/after the festival?

We're leading a tour of Buenos Aires in October