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#M01 Opening Milonga: Thursday

Description coming soon!

Let's kick off the festival with an evening of fun and relaxing, dancing! Join our organizers, guest teachers, the local queer tango community and our DJ [x] at our opening milonga.

Complimentary homemade delicacies by [Andrea Giardino] + drinks will be provided.

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#M04 Gala Milonga: Sunday

Buy $35 tickets at the door.

Farewell Party in partnership with the Astoria Tango Club.

6pm to 7:30pm Tango Lessons Beginners: Walter Perez

Intermediate: [] & Leonardo Sardella

9:30pm and 10:30pm Live music by [band]
(guitar/ conduction), (guitar), (guitar), Pablo Pereyra (singer).

10pm Performance [] & Leonardo Sardella

10:30 pm Festival Presentation Awards ceremony

6pm to 12:30am Milonga with DJ: []

*Wine and food, available on premises at incredible prices!*
Make sure to RSVP for tables:

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10:30 PM22:30

#A01 Awards Recognition Ceremony: Sunday

Description coming soon! [or will the gala milonga be on Friday at JdB PAC?  which one is the gala, Fri or Sun?  will this be combined with the Tango Queer show on Sat?  or will the show move to Sun?]

Awards Recognition Ceremony entry fee included in Farewell Gala Milonga ticket.  Wine and food available on premises at incredible prices!  Make sure to RSVP for tables:

Each year, we pay tribute to key figures in the tango community-- teachers, organizers, and activists--  with a Recognition Awards event, sponsored by Friends of Argentine Tango, a New York-based nonprofit organization.  The ceremony is usually held at 10:30 pm on the last night during the Farewell Gala Milonga in Queens, New York.  2018 Recipients include [01, 02] and [03] (In Memoriam).

The program will be presided over by "Tango Ambassador" [], includes a wine reception with live music and performances.

Performances: tango singer [Pablo Pereya] and piano player []; [dancers].

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